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Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon Watch: Lamborghini For The Wrist

In the category of exclusive luxury watches with a car theme, the Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon is a newcomer of note.  Still apparently in the testing phase (but expected to be available from June 2009 onward), this model–which Azimuth says is “not a watch, but a complex modern machine” stands out not just for an innovative mechanical movement, but a strikingly original titanium case which resembles a miniature Lamborghini Murcielago!



Looking at the extremely cool Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon, I can’t help but wonder if Urwerk had any role in the development of the exotic mechanical movement–with the avant garde time display with a large central arm and rotating hour satellites traveling over a minute scale at center stage, its hard not to think otherwise.  Regardless of who was behind it, the engineering is extremely captivating, almost relegating the prestigious tourbillon escapement to a secondary attraction.  Power reserve is a robust 5-days, thanks to two spring barrels.   

The case of the Azimuth Tourbillon watch (machine?) is really unlike anything else out there; sexy and sleek, it boasts carbon fiber elements and a double-domed sapphire crystal that is shaped like–naturally enough–a windscreen.  Enthusiasts of Italian supercars could scarcely hope for a more suitable luxury timepiece!



Source: ViaLuxe



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