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CORUM - An incredible feat by Didier Cuche who once again rules the Streif

1:13:28. Perfect timing for Corum’s friend. Didier Cuche braved bad weather conditions at Kitzbühel, finishing with an impeccable performance that earned him a fifth victory on the legendary Streif ski run.




There were many Swiss punting for Didier Cuche as he took off through the starting gates of his favorite run for the last time in his career. And national hero Didier did indeed win – a success that naturally also delights Corum!

Corum CEO Antonio Calce said: “Didier never ceases to impress us and words can never fully express his talent! He is driven by an incredible alchemist’s blend of determination and sensitivity along with both sporting and personal competence, which together have driven him ever higher, affirming his status as a ski legend. Given the status of this Man, I naturally look forward to pursuing both my professional and personal ties with Didier.”

With an Admiral’s Cup Seafender 44 Chrono Centro on his wrist, Didier shares his emotions with Corum, “It’s incredible that I have had the chance of once again winning on the Streif, 48 hours after announcing my retirement from competing at the end of March. It is difficult to express what I feel right now because my emotions are so intense. Being congratulated by Franz Klammer, who has held the record up till now, really thrilled me. I would like to thank my family and all those I love, as well as my supporters and sponsors for their touching messages.”

With his great personality, iron will and strong character, Didier has not yet had his final say and is naturally expecting to achieve further sporting feats before the end of the season.



Watch the Corum film starring brand ambassador Didier Cuche:


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